فقد داهمها الوقت
عند المساء
…حيث يقتاتون
أكلت وشربت
…ثم إتجهت إلى العمل
بلدة فاسدة
وقوم ظالمون
ذئاب البشر
تسترد لعابها كي
ثم نهضت
لتلتقف ما ترك الذئاب
كي تُضمّد به الجِراح
المعنوية والجسدية
جِراح الكُفر
…جُوع الصِغار 
ضمّت يديها
تتضرع لمن يقطن ما بعد 
ما بعد السماء
كي يطفئ حواسها
ويعافى جراحها
ولو مؤقتاً
كي تكل من التفكير تنام
فغداً موعد الضلع الأعوج
او ما تبق منه
مع وحوش الأنام
عند حلول المساء 
حيث الفُجر
…لسد الكُفر

One Fat Kid – A Journey of a Multicultural Comedian from Charlotte to Khartoum


It seemed like scene from a movie, not a typical Hollywood one; The hero in this case was an overweight chap fighting his way through the masses back stage after he has been introduced to an impatient audience.  As he was passing by, the sound man whispered to his ear “good luck man”. He could not reply as a huge piece of muffin was occupying his mouth. He acknowledges the goodwill message by nodding in appreciation. As he got close to the stage, he glanced at a monitor next to him. Three reputable opening acts preceded his appearance. He felt he had to kill tonight. Material was never an issue for an observant person like our friend. After all, he survived a suicide attempt on himself, fighting his demons, as well as a depressive over bearing mother.

Born and bred in Charlotte, North Carolina, a son of immigrants who fled Sudan at the wake of an attack on their corner shop in the capital Khartoum, just a few weeks after the implementation of September’s law back in 1983. The May regime had just shifted its left communist agenda to a right wing one.  This action was driven by a growing close relationship the Muslim Brotherhood lead by Hassan Elturabi and President Jaafar Nimeiry. The off licence shop was attacked as liquor was part of the goods. Another problem was Sam’s mother Jewish religion; Nimeiry, Ariel Sharon and Adnan Khashoggi signed a deal to shift as many Sudanese Jews out of Sudan in an attempt to help populate the promise land of Israel. The infamous Flasha deal torn some Sudanese families apart, ruined business and establishments and most importantly violated people right codes, their will to choice. All of those reasons were sufficient for Ragi to seek safety and financial security for his small family. He managed to liquidate some of his assets and fled his family to Egypt. One year later, the family settled in Charlotte after managing to secure a green card through the UN refugee council high commissioner in Cairo. Samih or Samuel, names which created a dispute ever since Sam was born. His father wanted the former while his mother insisted on Samuel. On Paper, he was Samih but to people he was Sam. Continue reading

The Book of Moron – where Sudan was mentioned


A wonderful summer afternoon – Praise the Lord – was spent in central London, where the Prince of Wales theatre resides a few metres north Piccadilly Circus Tube station. In this part of the world, the sun has the ability of drawing people out of their homes into the street. Therefore the streets, little alleys nearby and roads were pact full of people. The theatre opened its door at 2:00 PM and by then people have already formed a queue, a very fine British custom, at the door of an American play. Lovers of louvers of black comedy in all of its form are aware of one infamous show which is responsible of breaking all the rules of TV in term of provocation, South Park, where no place for hiding when it comes to stereotypes, race, religion, politics, history, celebrity culture, corporations and any national – in the US, or international issues. All the aforementioned is addressed with a tongue in the cheek style from a prospective of four elementary school pupils. Another fascination aspect of the show which has helped creating a cult following worldwide is the crooked shape cartoon which has over has improved slightly over the last few years, however, the makers have avoided any over the top slick Shenanigan seen nowadays in adult cartoon shows across the zillion channels out there.
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