Amira Kheir 2nd Album Launch at RichMix London

The Arts Canteen presented Amira Kheir gig/album launch held at London RichMix. A vibrant venue known for supporting widespread art projects and artists. Whether it is an independent film opening, album launch, theatre plays, comedy gig or projects along the line.

On a cold Thursday evening, Feb the 20th 2014, diverse groups of people from all walks of life descended to East London Richmix to witness Amira Kheir second album launch ALSAHRAA – the desert (2014 Contro Cultura MusicSterns African Music / produced by Amira Kheir).

The designated room looked cosy with dim blue and red light, reflecting the mixed music styles Amira is blessed with. A blend of soul, blue, folk, jazz, African and Sufi music.

The diversity of her music extended to her band, which was assembled in London, and beyond London. Music brought them together from different corners of the world Sudan, Egypt, Colombia, Senegal and many more.

Amira sang 11 songs and here are the song set:

First song : Ya Gadir Ta3ali

Second song: 7abibi ta3al – A tale of impossible love

Third song: Alsahaaa- the desert – the space where the music represent, and the name of the album

Fourth song: Ya Mara – owed to women- dedication to the women around the world
Amira really excelled in this song. She hit a wide range of vocal notes. Also she played a transitional musical instrument, where pull a thread and a drum like sound played (check the video segment)

Fifth song: Luna – song in Italian
Accompanied by a trumpet and Arabic Oud

Sixth song: Sudanese sera drum – Ya 3dila Ya Bida Sudanese za3’areet. Crowd participation
Special guest – Village choir – played the chorus

Seventh song: Ma Assalama Rafigi
Special guest – Abdoulaye Samb (from Senegal)
Accompanied by a trumpet and Oud

Eighth song: ya 7abibi ana 3ian
Accompanied by Oud

Ninth song: khallooni

Tenth song: Kalim Gamarina

Last song: Ahmed Almustafa Samiri (crowd participation)

Following the release of her critically acclaimed debut album ‘View From Somewhere’ (2011 Contro Cultura Music/ Sterns African Music) this accomplished vocalist has been steadily rising in the World music and Jazz circuits appearing on line and on air including in BBC 3′s ‘World on 3′, BBC World Service Network Africa, BBC Arabic and BBC Persia. She has performed internationally on some of the world’s biggest stages and festivals from the London Jazz Festival to the Festival Au Desert in Mali. 2013 saw Amira tour internationally with her Quartet as part of the ‘World Sessions’ Tour, as well as cross the bridge into film when she was commissioned to write and perform a live score for Ernst Lubitch’s landmark silent film “Sumurun” as part of the 2013 Bird’s Eye View Film Festival celebrating women in film.

From Amira’s site

Amira Kheir new Album is available on itune

Find more about Amira’s music and gigs and more on her website

كفاح إمرأة – من المُشجّر إلى الأبيض

كفاح إمرأة – من المُشجّر إلى الأبيض

(قصة قصيرة)


يا بت اقعدي تحت، انا ما درستها ليكم كدة، إترزعي.

“الله انا كل مرة اقرأ تقولي كدة” قالتها بصوتٍ خافت. رد عليها المعلمة: قاعدة تطنطني تقولي شنو؟

البنت: ولا حاجة يا أستاذة خديجة. 

الأستاذة: قومي يا زينبة وأقري القطعة. 

قرأتها، وعندما إنتهت منها قالت لها ست خديجة: براوا عليك، صفقوا ليها. 

جلست في مكانها وعلامات الخجل مسيطرة عليها، فلم تكن تحب الإطراء أمام أمة من الناس. عند الفراغ من اليوم الدراسي رجعت إلى منزل أهلها حيث يبدأ الدوام الثاني.    

[كركبة في الباب] عرف ان باب البيت ليس بالمغلق تماماً، فهو من رواد هذا البيت، فقام بفك الشنكل (التأمين) العلوي للباب، ووكز الباب من الأسفل حتى يستطيع الإنتقال من الشارع إلى داخل فناء المنزل. كأنها شفرة إلى جنّي، مسح على مصباح فجاوبه بفتح الباب. بعدها لم يغلقه بإحكام، وتركه بين حالين. إبتدأت طقوس إرسالية، تعلن لمن بالداخل وصول القادم. 

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