Nile Drums Screening – The Sudans Walking Together

A day to remember by The Sudans Walking Together group

The story of the day starts with the venue itself. St. Ethelburga’s church (now St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation) is a important London monument that withstood two attacks decades ago. The will of the great building reflected on the attendees exhibition of positive mood.

The Sudans Walking Together group has once again organised a successful afternoon during which they managed to bring a diverse group from both Sudans. The event started by the screening of Sudanese film maker Mohamed Abdlaziem film ‘Nile Drums‘. A story of a musician, a drummer to be specific, talking about his personal experience through his music and the overwhelming experience of the succession of Sudan.
The screening followed by a Q&A session with the film makers Mohammed Abdelazim (Fox) from Sudan via Skype and Tagreed Elsanhouri whom was attendant in person. The film received a good reception from the audience and the director expressed his ultimate desire to continue the story of the drummer.
The second part of the event was a brain storming session, where the attendees were divided into four groups, a topic was assigned to each group to come with ideas that could contribute to evolution of the Sudans Walking Together future projects .

For more details and photos of this event as well as previous one please visit the group on the link below

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